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Service Requests for Globus:

  • Request a consultation to learn more about using Globus to develop research data management solutions here at Pitt.  Use the Online Service Request form Online Form, or contact the Technology Help Desk at helpdesk@pitt.edu or 412-624-HELP.  Make sure to ask for a "Globus consultation"
  • If you are already a Globus Connect Server admin at Pitt and need to request an endpoint be managed under our subscription, use the methods listed above to contact the Technology Help Desk.  Make sure to ask for "manage an endpoint under the University's subscription". 
  • If you want to upgrade a Globus Connect Personal endpoint to Globus Plus, use the methods listed above to contact the Technology Help Desk.  Make sure and ask for a "Globus Connect Personal upgrade to Globus Plus".
  • If you would like to send an email to the Globus Admins @ Pitt  (Microsoft Team)  use:  ee0090bb.groups.pitt.edu@amer.teams.ms


Pitt Information Technology has invested in a subscription to Globus.  Globus is a non-profit service for secure, reliable research data management.  With Globus, subscribers can move, share, and discover data via a single interface.  A Globus subscription allows for use of the software and online platform for more than just file transfers.  File sharing, endpoint management and reporting, premium features such as protected data management, and expert support are only available via a subscription.  Globus.org, a non-profit service out of the University of Chicago will continue to develop and support the software and online platform under the subscription-model only – (this no longer includes the Globus Toolkit). 

Pitt researchers and IT developers can utilize the premium subscription features of Globus software and the online platform for no charge under our subscription plan.  New installations or upgrades must coordinate through Pitt IT so endpoints can be “managed” under our subscription.  Projects using protected data must be approved by our Information Security Team.  See the details at the beginning of this page for how to get started.  

Pitt researchers and IT developers can use Globus Connect Server to create endpoints on multi-user systems such as lab servers, clusters, and other HPC computing and storage resources.  Globus Connect Server is available for all POSIX-compliant file systems and many object stores.  Pitt’s HIPAA/BAA subscription level allows using Globus with data that requires additional protections including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) and controlled, unclassified data.  Subscribers at these levels may identify storage systems with sensitive data that require higher level of assurance and Globus will ensure that stricter access policies are enforced.  The University of Chicago complies with HIPAA by signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that assures Globus appropriately safeguards PHI.

Globus Connect Personal software (available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems) can be used to create an endpoint on a laptop or personal computer and use it to transfer and share files even if you don’t have administrative privileges on the machine.   Users can request to be upgraded to Globus Plus and create shared endpoints on their personal computers (using Globus Connect Personal) and transfer files between Globus Connect Personal endpoints.    

Developers can use the Globus Auth platform services as a standards-based identity broker that facilitates authentication and authorization from hundreds of identity providers.  This includes InCommon/CILogon.  Developers can utilize the REST APIs and Python SDK to create an integrated ecosystem of research data servicdes, applications, and workflows.

The Globus Transfer platform services is the core service underlying all Globus research data management functions, including the transfer, data sharing, and endpoint management.  Subscribers can use the transfer platform service for "fire and forget" file transfer.  Developers can use Globus to build applications and gateways leveraging identity management, single sign-on, and automation capabilities.

Learn more about Globus at: globus.org





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