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  • This Task has been designed for use by Students, Faculty, Staff. For Students, Faculty, Staff

Getting Started

By logging in to The Online Survey Service (Qualtrics) you agree to the the follwing Acceptable Use Policy.

The Online Survey Service (Qualtrics) allows you to easily create a survey, collect and store data securely, analyze responses, and present results using professional-quality graphs. It is available to Pitt students, faculty, and staff at all campuses, at no cost. The service can be used to support teaching, academic research, and institutional business.

  1. Click Start in the upper right hand corner of this window.
  2. First-time users of the new platform may see a Terms of Service message. Accepting the terms lets you start using Qualtrics. Choose the "I don't have a Qualtrics account" button as seen in the screenshot below.


Sometimes your account may default to the Mountain Time Zone instead of the Eastern Time Zone.  If you would like to change the time zone to Eastern time, please do the following:

  1. After logging into Qualtrics, click on the user icon in the upper right hand corner of the window.
  2. In the second section titled "Change Time Zone" verify that it is listed as (GMT -05:00) Eastern time (US & Canada) and if not change it to this option.

Qualtrics and Research with Human Subjects

The University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board (Pitt IRB) requires that with few exceptions, investigators use Qualtrics for all new web-based surveys submitted after March 1, 2014. Maintaining the security of research subjects’ data is of paramount importance to the Pitt IRB, and the CSSD Security Office has determined that the Qualtrics System meets University Data Security standards. The use of other web-based survey programs may be approved by the Pitt IRB, but only after additional institutional review has been completed. For questions about this policy, email irb@pitt.edu

Collaborating with Qualtrics

Sharing is a feature in Qualtrics that allows you to give others access to your surveys and data. This is useful for collaborating with colleagues both inside and outside of the University of Pittsburgh. Please see the Qualtrics Support page for a complete guide to using this feature.

Qualtrics Support

  • Online Survey System (Qualtrics) Information and FAQ
  • Web resources available at Qualtrics Support
    • Click Contact Support.
    • Click on the "Sign in With SSO" link.
    • Enter "pitt" as the Organization ID, then click Continue.
    • Enter your University Computing Account username and password. (Note: Qualtrics Support users Pitt Passport single sign-on for multifactor authentication)
    • Complete your support request.
  • Need help logging in or other account issues: Contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP [4357].


 Qualtrics Training

Training for Qualtrics is regularly offered via The Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP) offered by the Office of Human Resources. Training for this program is conducted by Computing Services and Systems Deveopment (CSSD). For more information visit the FSDP site here: https://www.hr.pitt.edu/current-employees/learning-development/fsdp

Regular Training is also offered by the University Center for Teachning and Learning.  For more information on when a training session is scheduled check out the University Events calendar here: https://calendar.pitt.edu 


Help Resources

Technology Help Desk
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