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  • This Task has been designed for use by Students, Faculty, Staff. For Students, Faculty, Staff

To start using LabArchives, click on the Start button in the upper-right corner of this page. 

The Electronic Research Notebooks service (LabArchives) is a secure, cloud-based collaborative research data management & lab course platform for researchers, instructors, and students to organize, document, store, protect, share, collaborate, and manage their research and data.  The Professional Edition can be used by faculty, staff, and lab personnel to enhance workflows and control intellectual property while being able to access your work from the bench, office, or on the road.  The Classroom Edition can be used by teaching assistants and instructors for courses including labs to improve student learning.  Students using LabArchives will have a single system that combines the notebook, lab manuals, and other reference materials that is convenient and easy to use.  

Both the Professional Edition and Classroom Edition can be used by University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students with primary University Computing Accounts without charge (no fees).   Sponsored accounts may use LabArchives.   Principal Investigators or lab managers must open a service request case with the Pitt Information Technology Help Desk to request access to LabArchives for a sponsored account.


LabArchives is provided by Pitt Information Technology.

For more information go to https://www.technology.pitt.edu/services/electronic-lab-notebooks-eln

View a video about LabArchives: https://youtu.be/2Jd4JOLImfI

Look at the LabArchives Knowledge Base:  https://www.labarchives.com/labarchives-knowledge-base


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