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Which German language course is right for you?

1. Overview:

You want to take German, but don’t know which class would be right for you?

Let’s start with an overview:

A. If you are a beginner, advanced beginner, or beginning intermediate-level student of German, here is our language course sequence:

GER 101: Beginning German 1
GER 102: Beginning German 2

After GER 102, you have two choices: continue with regular 3-credit courses (these meet 3 times a week), or take our intensive 5-credit series (these courses meet 5 times a week, and allow you to take upper-level courses a semester earlier).

Regular series:

GER 103: Beginning German 3
GER 201: Intermediate German 1
GER 202: Intermediate German 2

Intensive series:

GER 203: Intensive Intermediate German 1 (follows GER 102)
GER 204: Intensive Intermediate German 2

B. If you already have advanced intermediate or higher German skills and want to move directly to advanced intermediate and advanced-level courses, please contact the Director of Language Studies, Dr. Viktoria Harms at vih16@pitt.edu. These courses have the numbers 1000-1499.

Note: 1500-level GER courses are taught in English! They have no prerequisites, but also do not count towards the German Certificate or Major.


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